Distribution Transformer

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Distribution Transformers (CRGO Silicon Steel)

Distribution Transformer


  • Rating and Diagram Plate
  • Primary & Secondary Bushings
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Air release plug
  • Filter Valve
  • Silicagel Breather
  • Oil level gauge
  • Earthing terminals
  • Conservator with drain plug
  • Oil filling hole with cap
  • Thermometer pocket with dial type thermometer
  • Cover lifting eyes
  • Explosion vent
  • Stiffener on all sides of tank body
  • Pulling eyes / Roller arrangement / Skid base

Optional fittings:

  • Terminal connectors, Tapping Switch (OLTC), Arcing Horns, Lightning Arrester & Self protection system with MCCB.
  • Recently in the Distribution Transformers “Bureau of Energy Efficiency” has introduced “Star Labeling Programme” which is an aggressive step towards the use of energy efficient transformers in the distribution network by the utilities i.e. a concept of better efficiency and high quality. BEE has started a “Standard Labeling” programme for various electrical equipments i.e. to ensure energy efficient equipment and appliances should be made available to the consumers. For Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers BEE has started such programme in which Transformers are labeled from Range of Star 1 to Star 5 based on the total losses exhibited at 50% and 100% load with temperature rise limits of top oil at 35 C and winding at 40 C.
  • CRGO Wound Core Technology normally analogous with Single Phase Transformer is now added to our Distribution Tranformer varieties also with the advantage of flexibility and enhanced performance standard by judicious selectivity and use of design parameters identified for Distribution Transformer versions. The "BEE” standard of Star performance is also suitably met by Distribution Transformer Wound Core Transformer.
  • Swastik Copper is taking active participation in promoting Star Rating Transformers conforming to BEE specification upto 5 Star Rating.